About us

Traditional Carinthian hospitality paired with the highest level of comfort and all facilities for personal well-being can be found in the Prechtlhof in the historic center of Althofen, situated on a small hill below the dreamy castle.
Since its original construction in 1556, the house has had a varied history. Since the 60’s it is in our possession. The inn was transformed by us with much energy, hard work and taste unerringly to a popular 4-star hotel.
In 2004/2005, the last big change took place. In 2011, the tree house – our highlight – was built.
In October 2018 there was an anniversary – „50 years Prechtlhof“! A good reason to celebrate! On this occasion we have all our friends, family, guests, patrons of the Prechtlhof and years of „customers“ such as the company Flex, TIAG etc .. invited and celebrated until dawn.
We are very proud of it!

Our motto: to create a loving, cozy home for our guests!